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No Touch Key

One of the main reasons viruses such as Coronavirus and other germs spread is when people touch door and cabinet handles, gates, elevator buttons, door bells, ATM keypad and other shared surfaces in public areas. No Touch Key can help you avoid touching shared surfaces directly with your hands to reduce your chances of getting infected.

No Touch Key was proudly designed and manufactured in Bengaluru, India. The key is made out of Brass, a Copper alloy which is made out of antimicrobial material that has shown to reduce disease-causing germs such as Coronavirus.

Use No Touch Key to open doors and society gates, cabinets in schools, use ATM machines, touch elevator buttons and other shared surfaces in public areas. No touch key can be added to your keychain which makes it easy to carry. It looks cool too! Get "No Touch Key" for each of your family members today!

Price: Only Rs. 149 (Limited time offer)
Buy 2 for only Rs. 279
Inclusive of all taxes.

Call or WhatsApp 77604 01162 to buy now!